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Ebaytools is a FREE collection of watching, bidding, selling and searching tools for Ebay auctions. All data and pictures are stored in a local database for offline searching and viewing. No installation is necessary! It provides you with a comfortable listing which include thumbnails.
  • Ebaytools is FREEWARE (GPL) - simple download it and try out!
  • No installation is required! This means you'll have only one executable file, one database file and one config file that can be copied onto a USB stick. You can run it in an internet cafe, at work, with your friend, and with no need of admin rights. All the data and photos are saved in one database that can be backed up, e-mailed, deleted or used on any other computer.
  • SQL Database - You have a true SQL Database in one file without need for installation of a server or driver! There is no proprietary DB-format! You can browse/view your database with other tools ( e.g. SQLite Control Center, see screenshot here ). You can do every possible SQL query in your database, and perform full text searches, with various search options (date, size or quantity of images, name of seller or high bidder, location and so on). It is possible to create graphics and diagrams based on stored statistics with or without extern tools. To backup all your stored data, you need copy only one file.
  • Thumbnails - this is the reason why this program was developed. If you have many auctions to watch, without thumbnails you can lose sight of your auction items. You can modify your thumbnails, correct it, change color, brightness, rotate, resize , flip it and so on.
There are more screenshots here
Warning: This software is in alpha stage, that means it works, but is unstable and unsuitable for productive usage. Use bit-o-matic or Jbitwatcher instead.
If you are Perl/C/C++ hacker please look at this page .

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