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Hi All!
This simple diagramm show how the ebaytools works. A main programm provide GUI while the thread-worker fetch all data from Internet and pass to main programm. The thread and main programm communicate with the aid of shared data with each other.

Needs help with:
  • C++ coding - to hack some source code (actually very simple)
    I need help with hack a C++ source of Win32::GUI::Grid module. I need to add a new function to this module. Please read www.codeproject.com/miscctrl/multiline_titletips.asp
    The multiline titletips are required to show full description of article without resizing of cell. The source code should be changed how it mentioned in this article and compiled again.
  • Autoloader/Selfloader/autouse - how it works? I need it to reduce starting time
  • CMS - set up Content Management System for the web site
  • Web-design
  • Ebay-counter - a new subproject. Free counter system, that you can set up in a few minutes. It should provide real statistics about visitors of your ebay auction, detect visitors conserned to buy your article etc. It can be based on AWstats code.
  • Ebay Image Viewer - the most problem with many of images - they are too dark. The solution - the small program integrated in browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox) that let you see corrected image with only one click. I have the code already written, it must only integrate with browser.

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